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Grovo – Campaigns

The company

Grovo is a B2B SaaS company that provides a learning platform to improve employee and organizational performance. The product is two-fold. For employees, it’s an engaging experience that allows individuals to build their skills at work through micro-learning. For our clients and admins, the ability to create content tailored to their companies needs, assign out training and then track the progress of their employees is easy and straightforward.

Starting in Q1 of 2016, the product and engineering teams began working on the next version of the product. This meant a complete redesign, juggling new features with reaching parity with our existing product and an entirely new code base. On the product side, I played a lead role in the redesign, which was released in August 2017. All the projects shared on my portfolio are from this redesign.

The project

My role: Lead on UX and Product Design

Campaigns and assignments are next on the hierarchy of content. Now that we had lessons and tracks, next admins needed a way to group that content and assign it out to learners. This meant including functionality like grading, due dates, tracking their learners’ progress and providing insight on passing/failing.

It needed to be:

  • As straightforward as possible. Given the different levels of content creation (lessons and tracks) and how complex this feature is, we wanted the user to feel like assigning a campaign to their learners would be easy to do.
  • Reusable. Campaigns are essentially a template. Once created, any admin should be able to assign it to different groups of users, with different due dates as often as they want and not have to create a new campaign every single time.
  • Clear to the learner. Once it’s in the hands of the learners, they needed an easy way to see what they need to complete, by when and be able to review what they’ve learned.
  • Trackable. After assigning, admins must be able to see how their learners are doing on each assignment.

Wireframes of different concepts

Campaigns went through multiple revisions and changed direction numerous times. Below are wireframes of one concept we explored. At the time we were overcomplicating campaigns by trying to tie them to company goals and then introducing this idea of “milestones” as a group of lessons (the word never caught on).

Then we shifted towards the idea of a campaign existing inside a calendar and doubling down on this idea of planning. We tried to make this concept work but it wasn’t scalable and again, it added another level of complexity when we wanted the first release to be MVP. Here are the wireframes for that concept:

Final product designs

In the end, we simplified this as much as possible and got to the core of what campaigns were: a group of lessons and tracks, with a due date and a minimum passing score if the admin wanted it to be graded.

The following product show the flow from admin to learner:

  • How an admin creates a campaign
  • How an admin assigns a campaign
  • How admins can view the details and track the overall progress of a campaign
  • How admins can view the details of a single assignment and the track the progress of the individual learners
  • How assignments appear to the learner (on their homepage or their My Learning page, where they can view all current and past assignments)
  • How the details of an assignment appear to the learner so they know which lessons they need to do next

This was what was implemented into the product:


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Campaigns and Assignments