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Grovo – Content Creator

The company

Grovo is a B2B SaaS company that provides a learning platform to improve employee and organizational performance. The product is two-fold. For employees, it’s an engaging experience that allows individuals to build their skills at work through micro-learning. For our clients and admins, the ability to create content tailored to their companies needs, assign out training and then track the progress of their employees is easy and straightforward.

Starting in Q1 of 2016, the product and engineering teams began working on the next version of the product. This meant a complete redesign, juggling new features with reaching parity with our existing product and an entirely new code base. On the product side, I played a lead role in the redesign, which was released in August 2017. All the projects shared on my portfolio are from this redesign.

The project

My role: Lead on UX and Product Design

For the better part of 2016, I worked on one of the key features we wanted to add to the redesign of our product, which was a content creator. In the past, clients had access to Grovo video lessons and put a number of them in a single training but they couldn’t create their own lesson in the product. We wanted to not only give them that power but we also wanted to expand on what a “lesson” was. We decided that a single lesson could be comprised of text, video, audio, images and questions. The problem was to solve how to enable all this functionality while keeping it simple for the average user (in other words, someone who’s not a instructional designer).


Before working on the actual design, I did a lot of research up front. I began with our competitors and then moved onto looking at any tool that allowed users to create content (ie. slideshows, documents, etc). Then I interviewed our in-house client services team members to get information on what clients wanted and then content writers and instructional designers to learn their process for creating lessons.

Concepts and wireframes

At this point, I came up with five concepts, sketched them out and ran them by the same people I interviewed. As specific designs began to resonate, I then moved to the wireframes, added more details and tested again. Below are some of those wireframes.

Solution and product designs

From the wireframes, I moved onto the actual product designs. What had become clear throughout the process was that we needed:

  • A layout and design that felt familiar and easy to use
  • A card UI reinforced our micro-learning concept and made lessons seem fast and easy to digest
  • Grovo, as content creator experts, needed to use our knowledge and put our methods into this tool. For example, if we felt there were specific areas on a card where text was best placed, we should only allow admins to add copy there.
  • To that point, limit the functionality on purpose. Many clients expressed being overwhelmed by tools that could do everything and anything and often didn’t know where to start.
  • Knowing exactly how lessons would appear to employees made creation easier, which is why we used a WYSISYG approach

When I was finished, I had to present my designs to all the different stakeholders (including the CEO, head of Product, content creators and other executive members) to get their buy-in. I worked with a product manager and team of front-end and backend engineers to get my designs built into the beta version of the product (available only internally and to specific clients). Below are those designs:

Current product

After completing this MVP of the feature, my team and I moved onto building out the next big areas of the product and the Content Creator was transitioned to another SCRUM team to add enhancements to the tool. Below is how it currently looks in the product since they took over in January 2017.

Screenshot of the product

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