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Grovo – Learner Home

The company

Grovo is a B2B SaaS company that provides a learning platform to improve employee and organizational performance. The product is two-fold. For employees, it’s an engaging experience that allows individuals to build their skills at work through micro-learning. For our clients and admins, the ability to create content tailored to their companies needs, assign out training and then track the progress of their employees is easy and straightforward.

Starting in Q1 of 2016, the product and engineering teams began working on the next version of the product. This meant a complete redesign, juggling new features with reaching parity with our existing product and an entirely new code base. On the product side, I played a lead role in the redesign, which was released in August 2017. All the projects shared on my portfolio are from this redesign.


My role: Lead on UX and Product Design

With the new immersive experience of the lesson player and renewed focus on guiding learners to take their next lesson, we wanted the homepage to reflect this new philosophy. The objectives were:

  • At least one action had to be extremely obvious to the user and in this case, it was taking the next lesson
  • Give learners an overview of their assignments
  • Surface other content we have available for learners to explore


Examples of different concepts I tried out:


Of all the pages in the redesign of our product, the learner home went through the most changes. There were a lot of wireframes and twice as many product designs. The screens below show an evolution of those ideas and every time we added more functionality to the product overall, the homepage has been effected in big or sometimes very little ways. Here are some of those designs (the fourth one being the final version):

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