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Grovo – Lesson Player

The company

Grovo is a B2B SaaS company that provides a learning platform to improve employee and organizational performance. The product is two-fold. For employees, it’s an engaging experience that allows individuals to build their skills at work through micro-learning. For our clients and admins, the ability to create content tailored to their companies needs, assign out training and then track the progress of their employees is easy and straightforward.

Starting in Q1 of 2016, the product and engineering teams began working on the next version of the product. This meant a complete redesign, juggling new features with reaching parity with our existing product and an entirely new code base. On the product side, I played a lead role in the redesign, which was released in August 2017. All the projects shared on my portfolio are from this redesign.


My role: Lead on UX and Product Design

While designing the content creator tool, I had to design the lesson player at the same time since they influenced the other. (Cards in the content creator look like the cards in the lesson player.)

The lesson player is the feature through which learners watch their lessons. Our goals for this experience:

  • The player must be immersive. It’s so easy to get distracted by other things on a single page and we wanted the learners focus to just be on the lesson itself.
  • Simple to navigate from card to card and a straightforward depiction of a learner’s progress throughout the lesson
  • Encouragement to keep watching other lessons


With a lot of input from the content creators and art directions who were consistently making new lessons for the product, the vision for the lesson player was very clear. I started off with wireframes, seen below:


These are the final product designs that were also presented to the stakeholders along with the content creator tool. Once approved, I worked with the same product manager and group of engineers to see this project through and into the product.

Current product

After completing this feature and the content creator tool, my team and I moved onto building out the next big areas of the product and both features were transitioned to another SCRUM team to add enhancements. But the lesson player has more or less remained the same and I’ve continued to contribute to its evolving functionality whenever my other projects directly (or indirectly) affect the player.



Screenshot of the product

Mobile designs

At the company, we’re desktop first but my product manager and I advocated for at least the learner experience being mobile responsive. The first step was the lesson player. Below are my designs which were implemented a couple sprints later for internal testing and then to production.

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Lesson Player

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