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Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service increases employee referrals by utilizing social media and easily posting open jobs to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Sourcing was originally developed by SelectMinds which was later acquired by Oracle. I worked at SelectMinds from 2005-2012, then from 2013-2014 at Oracle after we had been acquired. I was one of the lead UX developers.

My role primarily focused on front-end development but also included UX design and managing the web team. Initially, I worked mostly with high-profile clients, skinning their Social Sourcing sites with their corporate branding and then I eventually transitioned to the product team.

The two projects I’m featuring here:

  • Designed and coded job category modules for the main page to showcase specific new jobs. I worked on the design and the development (CSS/HTML/JQuery) to create a user-friendly, responsive interface plus an administrative interface for clients. The admin dashboard allows clients to select categories, how many jobs to show per module and set the time period for new jobs.
  • Turning the entire social sourcing product into a responsive website.

Screenshot 1: Showcase new jobs on the social sourcing main page 


Screenshot 2: Mobile responsive version

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Oracle - Responsive Web